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Rock Balancing




For the refuge in flight,

for the city now in ruins,

For the grief that now resounds,

for the drowning child. Have mercy...


 Chorus: Have mercy, Have mercy, Have mercy, O God,

              On our wounded world.

              Oh, oh, oh....Oh, oh, oh.


For Eric, Oscar and Freddie Gray,

Michael, Tanisha, and Dante,

Sandra, Andy, and Tamir,

Philando, Walter, and Trayvon. Have mercy...


The woman silenced on the senate floor,

Echoes ages of voices stilled,

Resounding now across our world,

Voices of unquenchable fire. Have mercy...


For kindness toward our mother earth,

the face of Standing Rock,

For the immigrant child who's only known,

the country that now disowns. Have mercy...


She who hears the cries of the world,

Eyes upon her arms,

Refuge for those in distress,

Shelter of us all. Have mercy…


Words and music by Johna Peterson

Like A Watered Garden



Though you left in tears, 

I shall comfort you,

Lead you to streams of water,

By a smooth and restful path.


Chorus:   And, O my soul,

                Like a watered garden,

                And, O my soul,

                Like a well-watered garden,

                I have loved you with an age-old love,

                I have loved you with an age-old love.


And all your ruined cities,

Now shall be rebuilt,

Remove your ancient sorrow,

Anointed now with joy.


A voice weeps in the desert,

For her children are no more,

Hope alights her sorrow,

As streaming they return.


And so must I remember

Still be deeply moved,

O such tender yearning, 

All created anew.                


Words adapted from Jeremiah 31

Music by Johna Peterson           



As the mother on the shore,

Sees her only child drown,

Enfolded in the arms,

Of her sweetest love. 


Chorus:  Madre de compasiòn,

               Ve sus lagrimas!

               Madre de compasiòn,

               Escucha su lamento,

               Y sana sus corazones.


The weakened child falls,

Tender flower that fades.

Hope’s fire, the cold of ash,

No mercy found.


Loving grandmother arrives,

Beloved child upon her breast, 

Yet torn from loving arms,

In a foreign land.


And so a voice is heard,

No comfort for her young.

Oh, may they yet return,

With hope restored.     


Words and music by Johna Peterson                                            

My House Being Now All Still



  Chorus:  One dark night

                 Fired with Love's urgency,

                 My house being now all stilled.

                 Ah, the sheer grace,

                 I went out unseen,

                 My house being now all stilled,

                 My house being now all still.



   O glad night,

   With no other light,

   Than that which burned in my heart, 

   Than that which burned in my heart. 


   O guiding night,

   More lovely than the dawn,

   Uniting Love with love,

   Uniting Love with love


   Upon my flowering breast,

   Kept for you alone,

   Transforming Love into love, 

   Transforming Love into love. 


    And with your gentle hand,

   Tender breezes blew,

    Leaving all my cares, 

    Leaving all my cares.


           Words adapted from John of the Cross

           Music by Johna Peterson

All songs composed by Johna Peterson

©2021 Johna Peterson

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