My Whole House


1. And That Is Why
Words adapted from Hosea 2


2. Come Dance With Me
Words adapted from the poetry of the Sufi Master, Hafiz


3. Come Sweet Love Lyrics: Johna Peterson


4. In This Place of Silence Lyrics: Johna Peterson


5. Hear, O God
Words adapted from Isaiah 43


6. Late Have I Loved You
Words adapted from Augustine of Hippo


7. Like Some Icon
Lyrics: Johna Peterson


8. And God Will Bandage All Our Wounds Words adapted from Hosea 6


9. My Soul Thirsts
Words adapted from Psalm 63


10. My Whole House
Lyrics: Johna Peterson, with allusion to John 12


11. Returning
Lyrics: Johna Peterson


12. Praises of Mechtilde
Words adapted from the poetry of Mechtilde of Magdeburg


13. Ten Thousand Mercies Lyrics: Johna Peterson


14. When The Clear Night Comes
Words adapted from Synesius of Cyrene


15. Song of Julian
Words adapted from Julian of Norwich

My Whole House CD

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